Rishikesh Justin Is Here!

I woke much later today, thank goodness and took a walk to the ATM; it’s the hottest day yet and the sun was beating down. The ATM is up a maze of streets and also all uphill. as I’m strolling up the main street on the west side of the river Ganges. I look up…

Rishikesh Chapter 1

Walking out the door of the hotel and stepping onto the street is a reminder that you really are on the other side of the world. The streets are narrow and crowded, animals, people and vehicles all pushing to keep their feet, wheels or hooves on whichever cobblestone they have claimed. The streets are lined…

Waking up

The jet lag got the better of me; I was up at 5:30. No regrets as I got to watch this town go from a quiet sleeping maze to what seems to be one huge bustling market. Out to go walking and get more pictures, more posts soon.

First Day in Rishikesh

The first night was difficult, the day after was simply peace. Arrived in Rishikesh around 8 o’clock AM. After a gruelling yet painfully beautiful foot trek through most of Rishikesh we landed on a cosy hotel called Musical Mushrooms. Our room set, we headed out into the village. Mission one: Food, Water, SIM card, Internet….

Good Evening India?

Our goodbyes finished, our parents waved us through the gates, “Big steps were taken”, Quentin Kline and Graeme Sproule were feeling good. For a while. It started off smoothly at the Ottawa airport… Toronto was fine… Delhi was a beast. Everyone warns you about scams, but nothing really prepares you like going through it once….

The Journey Begins

Welcome to my journal. This blog will act as a logbook of my events as I set out on a journey across India. I leave on October 2, 2019 at 18:00 from Ottawa YOW and eventually land in the massive city of New Delhi… With no return ticket booked. Follow me and my travel companions…