Rishikesh Chapter 6

Bank run finally successful! Accompanied by a luxurious breakfast, the afternoons walking sessions were taken in stride and we avoided the midday heat. Today we went into details on the itinerary for next weeks trek. We leave on the thirteenth and we will be back on the twenty second. First, Valley of Flowers; then to some hot springs and an eco-village; then a summit at 4400 meters in altitude; after that camping at a lake and then a return to civilisation.

After walk and a cosy meal at Ganga Beach Cafe, we headed over to the Treehouse for some music and to meet a new friend called Tauran, Took a nice easy day after yesterdays slightly more lively activities. Beach tomorrow and I’m already looking foreword to breakfast.

Good night Rishikesh, you are sleeping better than this guy at the moment….

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