Rishikesh Chapter 5

Early this morning I woke up to try the bank once more, but as luck would have it today was Dusserha, a Hindi holy day. It’s a public holiday so even the banks are closed. More on that later. So with yet another fruitless morning walk under my belt, I returned to meet Justin, Graeme and Nitin on the banks of the Ganges.

After an hour or so spent by the river listening to music I decided I was quite hungry; we turned and made our way up to a lovely cafe called Ganga Beach. Dhal makhni and chipaties were wolfed down. With full stomachs we felt decidedly more equipped to start the day. Nitin mentioned a “secret beach” about four kilometres up the road north of Rishikesh; we were on the way in about five minutes, spirits high.

Although most of the walk was spent just on the main road, the area does not spare you any loss beauty and interesting things to see. The cars, motorcycles, and jeeps crammed with people wiz by; the huge twisted jungle trees, and even taller foothills, that rise up around you are teaming with life.

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  1. Deirdre Sims says:

    A*W*E*S*O*M*E photos! best yet. Love the three lads stting on the steps. And the valley… and the tree… and the monkeys…. WOW!


    1. Was a very full day!


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