On our return to Rishikesh the streets were packed. As the sun when down we began to see the festivities of the holy day that had trumped my bank expedition. Justin and I raced back to the hotel to get changed before we jogged back to the main road. There was a huge parade pushing through the street; Drummers, dancers, babas and vendors all whirled around a gaudy bus blasting music.

We turned away from the parade before it would swallowed us whole and walked a few hundred metres down the streets. Even from the upper road we could see the the massive two story tall statue of Demon King Ravana. We perched on a small stone wall just over the crowds heads and waited for the celebration to start.

The festival represents the battle between the Lord Rama and the Demon King Ravana. Ravana steels away Rama’s wife Sita in an attempt force him to marry his sister to the lord instead. Rama and his brother Lakshmana along with the monkey god Hanuman and an army of monkeys set out to rescue her.

The epic was replayed with drummers, dancers, and fireworks non stop. And of course an extremely explosive satisfying burning of three giant effigies.

We wound the evening down with talis at the Ganga Beach cafe and live music at the Treehouse cafe. All in all a very full day and we are just about ready to drop.

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  1. Maia alexander says:

    Q! I love reading all the stories, it all seems so exciting… missing you already


    1. Yay good to hear from you, I’m thinking of everyone at home of course. Miss you all too 🙂


  2. Kate says:

    Great photos Quentin! I was especially pleased to see that, even in India, you’re carrying on the proud family tradition of finding a gnarly tree with apertures perfect for peering artistically through! I love seeing the lizards, the green Ganges, the lush vegetation, the monkeys and cows and jewel coloured beetles. The Dusshera festival looked spectacular – as exciting as the battle between Ma Spider and the dragon on the banks of the Ottawa River! I also loved seeing the serene, sun-drenched spot that Nitin showed you by the river. Who is Nitin? When did you meet him? Good luck getting to an ATM today!!! Enjoy more delicious meals! ❤❤❤❤


    1. Halo Kate, we are having a wonderful time in the peaceful north. Nitin is a local who grew up in the mountains (student) and has been introducing us to India in the most lovely of ways.


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