At the Secret Beach

Nitin knows the area well, and brought us to a beautiful secluded beach on the bank of the Ganges. White sand, rocks and blessed cool air from the river make it very idyllic. After all the crowds and dust and car horns this place feels very very, relaxing.

To be somewhere with no one else in India we are discovering is something of a rarity. So we took full advantage, sitting in a rock cavern watching the sun creep its way down to the jagged horizon. Only sticking our sandy feet back in their boots when it was getting worryingly dark.

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  1. Deirdre Sims says:

    The river looks fast and fierce in the photo with Justin. What’s the water like? Any temptation to take a dip? The sand looks like heaven!


    1. Ya but we’re not sure we want to:)


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