Rishikesh Chapter 4

Despite today’s failures at the bank its been wonderfully relaxing. Justin, Graeme and I went out and got dosas for lunch; the food here continues to amaze. We were all tired from last nights festivities. Krishna Cafe, has been acting as a little internet haven with masala chai tea and dahl makhni on the side.

We are currently waiting for a festival across the bridge to start, the sun just set on Rishikesh and the bridge across the Ganges has been light up. We are stopping for a tali and then making our way over to the music and lights across the river.

Despite all of this, India still remains a challenge, even something as simple finding a laundromat turns into an epic quest. Threatening back alleys can become as dangerous as the packed streets. Even eating the wrong food can leave you sick for weeks so we have to be extra diligent. Though it is not a challenge I don’t appreciate. The culture is ancient and it is amazing to see how in touch they are with their history.

This beetle was the length of my thumb!

We also met up at a beautiful cafe and started making concrete plans abut a seven day trek. More details tomorrow. Feeling excited about the weeks to come we have a lot to do!

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  1. Deirdre Sims says:

    What is the festival? Food sounds delisioso!! How’s the weather? How will you travel up to the Valley of the Flowers for your trek??


    1. Festival: Dusshera
      Weather has been perfect all week.
      We take a ten hour taxi into the mountains and then village hoping all week.


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