Good Evening India?

Our goodbyes finished, our parents waved us through the gates, “Big steps were taken”, Quentin Kline and Graeme Sproule were feeling good. For a while. It started off smoothly at the Ottawa airport… Toronto was fine… Delhi was a beast. Everyone warns you about scams, but nothing really prepares you like going through it once. I won’t go into all the gritty details about our rather embarrassing lack of Indian street smarts, but the outcome came out to a ridiculously overpriced eight hour cab ride. However the stars aligned and Graeme and I were dropped off in what seems to be a backpackers paradise Rishikesh.

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  1. Debbie Bolton says:

    I believe that! We spent very little time in Delhi! Glad you made it through it! Safe travels!


    1. Hey Debbie great to hear from you! Stay in touch with me and I can keep you posted on what’s going on:)


  2. Deirdre Sims says:

    Totally curious about how the scam worked! And why the cab ride was 8 hours??!! But all’s well that ends well… who can complain about spending the first night in India, in Rishikesh!


  3. Well the cab ride was supposed to take 5 hours, but about two hours in the engine started sputtering. The transmission wasn’t working properly so we couldn’t go anymore than 3rd gear.


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