First Day in Rishikesh

The first night was difficult, the day after was simply peace. Arrived in Rishikesh around 8 o’clock AM. After a gruelling yet painfully beautiful foot trek through most of Rishikesh we landed on a cosy hotel called Musical Mushrooms.

Our room set, we headed out into the village.

Mission one: Food, Water, SIM card, Internet.

Mission two: get in touch with our friend Justin who is lost in the congested bowls Delhi.

Despite our rather daunting checklist, I am now sitting in a very hip Internet Cafe called the New Krishna. Water has been found (safe sealed water for those of you that are concerned), wonderful veggie pacoras have been devoured too fast for me to get a photo of, SIM card next.

Justin has been located safe and sound in Delhi and is making the trip up either tonight or tomorrow morning.

Shout out to New Krishna Cafe:

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